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Custom Built Reverse Osmosis

We know every household situation is different. That is why we are here to provide you with a high end reverse osmosis system that is customized to fit your specific needs. We will be more than happy to assist you in getting an ultimate reverse osmosis water system.

    Specialize in Residential Reverse Osmosis

To provide you with safe drinking water, we build mostly five-stage reverse osmosis water systems. Five stage RO systems are rated the most effective design to remove pollutants and bad taste. Three and four stages RO systems are not as adequate or as reliable as five stage systems. A reverse osmosis system that has more than five stages is unnecessary, it only adds up system costs, plus it slows down the water filtering process.

Produce Clean Water on Your Own

Do you
know you can produce quality water like those name brand bottled-water companies on your own? The best bottled-water companies use reverse osmosis technology. Many other companies are still using simplistic and basic filtration methods that are not comparable to reverse osmosis. So, why pay more for bottled-water or delivered water?
The average price for bottled water is about 89 cents for one gallon jug, and $2.25 a gallon for delivered water. At this rate, a typical household will spend $214 just for drinking water, and $324 or more for delivered water. Contact us now, we can help you save dramatically, pay only 40 cents a gallon!!

Contact Information

The best way to reach us is by e-mail. Our product specialists will get back to you after reviewing your questions and needs.

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